In the Dog House: How to Prepare your Pooch for the Kennel

Posted on: 8 February 2016

So, you're finally off on that dream holiday or travelling out of town on business. Either way, often taking the dog just isn't an option. It can be difficult to find friends or neighbours who can look after your pet for the whole time you are away, so a lot of owners choose to check their pup in for a kennel stay. The idea of leaving your precious doggie in the care of strangers can be quite traumatic.
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How To Tell If Cats Are Stressed When You Visit A Cattery

Posted on: 30 July 2015

Choosing a cattery for your beloved pet isn't always easy. You'll want to feel confident you've chosen a cattery that offers a high standard of care and can be trusted to keep your cat's best interests in mind when making decisions about the day-to-day running of the facility. There are many catteries offering superb care, but knowing how to distinguish the good from the bad can be challenging. In addition to touring a prospective cattery to see where your cat will be sleeping and how feeding and waste management is handled, you can tell a lot about the quality of care offered by observing the behaviour of existing boarders.
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4 Warning Signs a Boarding Kennel Isn't Right for Your Dog

Posted on: 12 May 2015

It's not easy choosing a boarding kennel for your dog. While there are plenty of reputable boarding kennels to choose from, there are also kennels that don't operate to the high standards you'd expect. It can be difficult to determine the good from the bad, so what should you be looking out for when you visit kennels? Here are four warning signs of a substandard boarding kennel. Foul Odours Kennels should follow rigorous hygiene practices and all kennel bays should be kept clean and free of urine and faeces.
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3 Tips For Choosing A High-Quality Cattery

Posted on: 16 April 2015

When you decide to use a cattery you'll likely be concerned about how to ensure you're choosing a good one for your cat. You don't want to spend your time away worrying about your cat's welfare and you'll want to feel confident they're safe in your chosen boarding facility. Here are three tips for choosing a high-quality cattery: Operating Transparency You should visit any cattery you're interested in at least once before boarding your pet there, and the cattery staff should be happy to give you a tour of the facilities.
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