3 Tips For Choosing A High-Quality Cattery

Posted on: 16 April 2015


When you decide to use a cattery you'll likely be concerned about how to ensure you're choosing a good one for your cat. You don't want to spend your time away worrying about your cat's welfare and you'll want to feel confident they're safe in your chosen boarding facility. Here are three tips for choosing a high-quality cattery:

Operating Transparency

You should visit any cattery you're interested in at least once before boarding your pet there, and the cattery staff should be happy to give you a tour of the facilities. Consider it a red flag if you sense there are certain areas staff are trying to keep you away from.

Ask questions about how they run the cattery and what safety precautions are in place. Here are a few suggestions:

  • What type of heating is available in the individual cat bays? How do you determine how much heat each bay should receive?
  • Does each cat bay have an adjoining safety run? This is a fenced off area that staff enter before they reach your cat's individual bay. It has a lockable door, so if your cat gets out of their bay they will still remain safe and secure in the safety run area.
  • How many cats is each member of staff responsible for?
  • How is each staff member evaluated before being hired?
  • Have any cats in your care been involved in and accident or suffered an injury?

Rigorous Health And Hygiene Procedures

Rigorous health and hygiene procedures will help protect your cat from illnesses that can be spread when several cats are boarding together. Keep these points in mind when you visit a cattery:

  • Each cat bay should be separated by a solid divide to prevent cross infection from sneezing and pawing.
  • There should be hand washing stations with disinfectant soap around the cattery, and staff should was their hands each time they handle a cat.
  • Visitors should be instructed to refrain from touching any cat other than their own. This helps prevent any sickness from spreading to healthy cats.
  • There should be no foul odours in the cattery, and litter trays and bowls should be clean.

Pet-Focused Attitude

A good cattery will want your cat to be as happy and comfortable as possible during their stay. You should be able to take a few of your cat's toys and their favourite blanket to the cattery, and staff should be interested in their likes, dislikes and any special requirements.  Some catteries give each cat some one-to-one attention each day and will spend time petting, playing with and grooming the cats. Consider whether this is important to you and whether it would help your cat feel more at ease.

Use these tips to find the best facility for your cat, and enjoy your break in the knowledge you've meticulously checked your chosen cattery and feel happy with their facilities, hygiene practices and attitude toward the cats in their care. For more information, contact a company like Blu Ice Cattery.