In the Dog House: How to Prepare your Pooch for the Kennel

Posted on: 8 February 2016


So, you're finally off on that dream holiday or travelling out of town on business. Either way, often taking the dog just isn't an option. It can be difficult to find friends or neighbours who can look after your pet for the whole time you are away, so a lot of owners choose to check their pup in for a kennel stay. The idea of leaving your precious doggie in the care of strangers can be quite traumatic. These simple tips will help you and your furry friend to prepare yourselves for a stress free stay in the kennel. 

Meet and Greet

Once you've decided which kennel is right for you, it's a good idea to bring your dog in to meet the staff. Most kennels will offer a day care service, so take advantage of this and check your pet in for a day or two to give them a chance to get used to the new surroundings and new people. Importantly, it gives staff a chance to get to know your dog, so they can be better prepared for their stay. A visit can help to put your own mind at rest, as you can see how your pet deals with being in the new place before leaving them for a longer stretch. 

Vets and Vaccinations

Make sure your dog has had a recent check up at the vet's and that all vaccinations are up to date. The majority of kennels will ask about this before accepting your pet. If your dog is on medication, you should provide the kennel with enough meds for the duration of your holiday - plus an extra week, in case you are delayed picking him up. 

Saying Goodbye 

When the time comes to drop your pet off at the kennel, be sure to ease their stay by packing a couple of their favourite toys. Many kennels encourage you to include a piece of fabric or clothing with your own scent on it. Staff at the kennel will put this into the dog's bed to comfort him and ease him into the new environment. 

Staying in Touch

Most kennels will be happy for you to call them to check on how your pet is doing. You should also leave a contact number for yourself or someone you trust, so the kennel can contact you if needed.

Some dog boarding facilities now offer doggie-cams. These web cam links allow you to check up on how your pooch is doing whilst you're away and can be a great way to ease separation anxiety.

No one likes to leave a pet behind, but by following these easy steps you can make sure your dogs stay in the kennel is as stress free as possible.